Iwatani Patent Office

Iwatani Patent Office is a patent law firm with a panel of specialists with comprehensive knowledge and expertise and long years of experience.  We have learned and practiced in acquisition of right, execution of right, dispute resolution, and negotiation in Japan and abroad for many years including practice at chemical or pharmaceutical companies as well as enterprises in other fields.  Our practical experience and profound knowledge as well as unique view and approach not created by patent knowledge alone will enforce our clients’ intellectual property right.

We know well what our clients truly expect of a patent law firm.  Our aim is to fulfill all our clients’ expectations in a professional and highly skilled manner.

We have more than 45 years of global practical experience and through it we have developed a worldwide network of patent and trademark attorneys across more than 60 countries.  We work in close cooperation with them and always seek the newest practical information from them, having a keen interest in patent systems in foreign countries.

Our philosophy is:

  •  to be a patent law firm which overwhelms any other patent law firms in Japan or abroad, with higher patent grant rate and higher win/loss ratio of appeals;
  • to help improve our clients’ corporate performance and technology innovation through the patent system; and
  • to contribute to industrial development in society.

Following our philosophy, we continue to educate ourselves and make every effort to improve our skills.  In order to do that, we routinely conduct in-house seminars for enhancing our skills of drafting high quality patent specifications and sharing patent information.

We are sure to satisfy our clients with high quality services tailored to individual needs.

Our mottos:

  • Never-give-up spirit and confidence.
  • Making full use of, for obtaining patent rights, not only standard tactics, but also breakthrough approaches and last-minute inspirations to overcome adversity.
  • Lightning-fast response to clients’ requests.